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About Us


I’m Zoë. Opening a yarn store was never exactly in my bucket list of things to accomplish when I was younger. I have always been relatively creative, but I never considered myself “good” at art.

I have always been passionate about business (yeah, I know, a little odd for a 6 year old kid), arts and culture. I was also, and still am, passionate about learning – I have a Bachelors, M.A., and partial Doctorate under my belt!

In 2016, I was accepted to a doctoral program here in Montreal, and I quickly realized that I needed to find myself a hobby to help deal with my stress and anxiety, and crochet kind of fell into my lap. It became quite obvious that crochet wasn’t only a hobby, but an obsession!

My passion for crochet and fiber arts grew quickly, and so did my pile of creations! That’s when I started selling them on Etsy and through Brock-Art, a local store that proudly represents local artists. The confidence and support from these two platforms motivated me to continue and grow my craft.

It’s crazy to think that I started by making tiny crocheted cacti to offering popular Crochet 101 workshops and lessons! Never in a million years did I think that my hobby would turn into something so much bigger!

In 2019, my partner Marie-Ève and I opened Crochet & Co and I still can't believe it! It took a burnout and a mental health leave from my Doctorate to realize that my passion wasn’t books and studies, but being surrounded by yarn and people that want to develop their passions, just like I did!