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Welcome to Zoë's stream of consciousness about the shop...

Welcome to Zoë's stream of consciousness about the shop...

I thought I'd take the time to do an updated intro and let you know about this new section of our website!


Before I even jump into anything fibre related, I wanted to warn you... this is my brain dump. I have so many things to say, and Instagram/Facebook/other social media platforms don't allow my brain to spew all the stuff I have in a way that makes sense! 


You also will notice that my style of writing isn't prim and proper, it's definitely a "lets sit down with our drink and chat about what's what" style. I'll try my best to make things coherent, and provide all the info you'll need, but don't expect the PhD lingo that used to come out of my mouth.


Alright! You might have guessed, it's Zoë writing. Marie is busy at her adult job (doing all the engineer things), and it's a super quiet day in the shop, so I thought I'd start typing... Rather than try to hold a conversation with myself, or try to film myself and fit everything in a 3 minute clip.

The plan is that we upgrade our social media game by encouraging you to come and visit the blog for more info on patterns, products, techniques, and just daily brain thoughts. If you're anything like me, being oversaturated and tired of all the reels, clips, videos, and constant dump of content on social media, you might appreciate this blog. 


I'll be sharing over the next few weeks some info on previous projects and posts that you might have seen on our Instagram, with a bit more detail!


Now time for coffee #2 of the day, I'll catch you later this week!




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