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June Project Round-Up

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  • By Zoë
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June Project Round-Up

Come and discover this month's knit FOs (finished objects) made with yarns from the shop.


Let's chat FOs (finished objects)! I've decided to do June before May, just because. There are so many projects to talk about, so let's go!

Let's go clockwise from the top left corner.


Camisole no. 3 by My Favourite Things 

Our lovely Ineka knit this cute camisole with some merino & cotton blend from her stash, but we have a few options in the shop with which you could knit. 


The pattern recommends between 820 and 984 yards of sport weight yarn, but easily substituted with fingering weight yarn, as long as you get gauge. Speaking of which, using 3mm and a brioche stitch, your swatch should give you 17sts by 25 rows.


If you aren't ready to test out a brioche pattern, no worries. The designer has another camisole in a similar style knit using a regular rib technique. 


This would be a perfect summer top, but a great layering piece in the spring and fall with a blouse/shirt!


Monica Geller Tee by Sari Nordlund

This is a top that Zoe had knit last summer, with no sleeves (as usual), that Ineka had been eyeing. It's a quick knit, simple, and great for all seasons. If you are to follow the pattern, you'll notice that there are some cute cap sleeves that are added... it was inspired by a simple white knit tee Monica Geller (Friends) wore in one of the first seasons. The design is true to the inspiration, and such a staple piece. 


Ineka knit her version, sleeveless as well, in Woolerton Estate Yarns' The Manager base, in her colourway, Ineka. She made the Small, and used up 1.3 skeins of yarn, meaning that she would have had plenty left over for sleeves. 


Quick tip if you'll be making your's sleeveless. We both recommend that you either integrate a slip 3 stitches at the end of your row to create an I-cord edging, or follow the pattern, then pick up and knit an I-cord finishing.


Trinus Shawl by Ambah O'Brien

Looking for a way to ease yourself into colourwork? Ambah O'Brien has multiple choices for you. Our other lovely employee, Marie-Frédérique, knit this shawl as her introduction to using multiple colours in one project. 


Unlike traditional Fair-Isle or Intarsia, mosaic knitting is an enjoyable combination of slipped stitches and working with one colour at a time. This is a perfect way to start learning about yarn management (when working with multiple colours) and easing your way to colourwork. Slipping stitches allows the stitch (the slipped one) to be lengthened and carried vertically, creating an illusion of having knit with a second colour. It is also a really quick way to knit!


Marie-Frédérique used a combination of colours by Dyed & True yarns in the Sox de Luxe base. 


Onward & Up Tee by Tif Neilan

Zoë got the chance to test knit this summery top over the spring, and it was such a fun thing to do. Instead of using the recommended sport weight yarn, Zoë decided on using the Woolerton Estate Yarns' new base, The Vacationer, for the main body, and The Manager for the contrast hem.

This is a great top for more mature knitters that want a summer knit that isn't overly cropped, but also a great top for those who enjoy a quicker and shorter top. Zoë originally knit it to the cropped version length in the pattern (13" from the underarm) but it was a bit too long to their liking. They cropped it back to 9" under the arm, which makes it quite short, but a great layering piece.


The Vacationer is the new summer base in the shop: a 80% merino and 20% bamboo blend, it works itself up quite nicely, has an amazing drape and bounce too.


The Witching Hour by Dear Ingenue

Now, this top was finished earlier this year,  but Marie-Frédérique brought it in on a colder day and our jaws dropped. This was her first actual stranded colourwork piece, and we were blown away. 


Technically a swancho (sweater poncho), this garment has been in our Ravelry queue for a while. Potentially a bit advanced for newer knitters to colourwork, it is definitely a test in patience and tension. We are planning to make one for the shop later on this year, and Marie-Frédérique seems to want to make another one as well!


We've got more knitting inspiration coming up in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled!



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